Your Voice

As a Rhode Island Medical Society member, you have access to several committees that organize to raise the voice of the physician through different avenues. We encourage you to look into these committees and contact the appropriate person if you would like to get involved.


Public Laws Committee

Interested in the latest news and updates at the RI State House and in Washington D.C.? Join our monthly conversations on state and federal legislative and political topics that impact healthcare in Rhode Island.

Michael Migliori, MD, Chair

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Climate Change and Health Committee

The Climate Change and Health Committee brings RI physicians together to share their experiences on caring for patients affected by climate change and advocating for climate change mitigation legislation including a transition to green energy, climate change adaptation measures, and waste reduction across industries.

Alison Hayward, MD, Chair

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As the political arm of the Rhode Island Medical Society, RIMPAC promotes the engagement and visibility of physicians in the political process.

Peter Karczmar, MD, Chair

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Mediation Committee

The Mediation Committee is a standing committee of the Society charged to respond to complaints lodged by individual members of the general public against particular physicians.  The Chair and members of the Mediation Committee are elected annually by the Council. The Chair may also take an active role in constituting the Committee, the size of which is not set but should be very small. The Chair shall have discretion to seek out advice and expertise relevant to a particular case.

Arnold Herman, MD, Chair

Finance Committee

The Committee on Finance is a standing committee of the Society.  It is chaired by the Treasurer and supports the Treasurer in the performance of the duties associated with that office.

Matthew Smith, MD, Treasurer, Chair