Physician Health Program

RIPHP was established by the Rhode Island Medical Society in 1978 as a standing committee with a mission to promote and support the physical and mental well-being of healthcare professionals thereby contributing to overall safe and competent patient care in Rhode Island.  The program is a confidential resource for physicians, PAs, dentists, and podiatrists in Rhode Island who may benefit from help with addressing physical and/or behavioral health concerns that may be affecting their personal and professional quality of life.

Concerned about the well-being of a doctor?

The Rhode Island Medical Society’s Physician Health Program has helped hundreds of physicians, dentists, podiatrists and physician assistants address personal health issues that can sometimes compromise professional performance and/or personal quality of life. As a peer review body, the Physician Health Program and its Committee have the strong protection of both Rhode Island and federal law for the confidentiality of its work.

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Common Warning Signs

Attitude/Behavior Changes

  • Rapidly turns from compassionate and caring to abrupt/caustic
  • Withdraws from friends and activities
  • Becomes mistrusting, anxious, depressed, irritable

Performance Changes

  • Misses appointments
  • Makes rounds at unusual hours
  • Can’t be reached when on call
  • Sloppy charting
  • Smell of alcohol on breath during the day

Physical Changes

  • Loss of appetite or reduced level of exercise
  • Looks tired; admits to insomnia
  • Personal hygiene deteriorates
  • Physical problems are self-treated

Relationship Changes

  • Family communication deteriorates
  • Frequent arguments, spouse blamed
  • Occurrence of spouse, child abuse
  • Children may exhibit poor school performance
  • Jealousy, infidelity leading to separation, divorce