Recognition of leadership and service – Dr. Charles L. Hill Award

Dr. Charles L. Hill Award

Established in 1981, this award recognizes a RIMS member physician for leadership and service. Dr. Charles L. Hill, for whom the award is named, was president of the Medical Society 1979–1980.

Recipients of the Dr. Charles L. Hill Award

2022 Nicole Alexander-Scott, MD, MPH

2019 Elaine C. Jones, MD
2018 Grace Clarke, MD, MPH
2017 Jerry Fingerut, MD
2016 Sundaresan T. Sambandam, MD
2015 Peter A. Hollmann, MD
2014 Yul Ejnes, MD
2013 Joseph H. Friedman, MD
2012 Charles J. McDonald, MD
2011  Arthur A. Frazzano, MD
2010 David Ettensohn, MD
2009 Michael E. Migliori, MD, FACS
2008 Alvin Fischer, MD; Kenneth Mayer, MD;  Physicians for Human Rights
2007 Kathleen C. Hittner, MD
2006 Arthur A. Bert, MD; Brandon H. Krupp, MD
2005 Raymon S. Riley, MD
2004 Arun K. Singh, MD
2003 Louis A. Leone, MD; Charles Kuhn, MD
2002 David P. Carter, MD
2001 Vincent R. Hunt, MD

2000 Charles C.J. Carpenter, MD
1999 (not awarded)
1998 Josiah Rich, MD
1997 David S. Greer, MD
1996 Richard G. Bertini, MD
1995 Stanley H. Block, MD
1994 Charles P. Shoemaker, Jr, MD
1993 Paul J. M. Healey, MD
1992 Stanley Aronson, MD
1991 H. Denman Scott, MD
1990 Frances P. Conklin, MD
1989 Siebert Goldowsky, MD
1988 Herbert Rakatansky, MD
1987 Americo A. Savastano, MD
1986 Milton W. Hamolsky, MD
1985 Fiorindo A. Simeone, MD
1984 Henry T. Randall, MD
1983 John A. Dillon, MD
1982 Francis B. Sargent, MD
1981 Charles L. Hill, MD (posthumously)