Rhode Island Medical Women’s Association


Board of Directors

Mariah Stump, MD, MPH

Immediate Past President
Liza Aguiar, MD

Pamela Harrop, MD 

Vice President
Caryn Cobb, MD

Liza Aguiar, MD

Board Members
Reena Bhatt, MD
Elaine Fain, MD
Nancy Littell, MD
Carla Martin, MD
Joyce Monac, MD
Rachel Sullivan, MD


The Rhode Island Medical Women’s Association (RIMWA) founded in 1981 was the first organization in Rhode Island dedicated to the professional and personal needs of women physicians and their patients. RIMWA seeks to recognize the special needs of women in medicine and female patients and to help meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

Member Benefits

The Rhode Island Medical Women’s Association was founded by women doctors to help themselves meet the challenge of tomorrow. Today, RIMWA has taken an active role in providing a support network for the professional and personal growth of women doctors in our area. Women physicians comprise 1/2 of the physician population. Together we have, now more than ever, the potential for a great collective spirit, one with prowess-one that really works to help manage our futures in a systematic organized way.

Please support our continued effort to improve the quality of our professional and personal lives as women physicians. Join us now!

Executive Director
Ali Walz